Research Group for Unlimited Knowledge Application

3d cases

3D cases are short induced exercises that designs and develops human ability to apply knowledge unlimited. The idea is to train the human in the four principles while setting him/her free from limitations of professional, social and cultural character. There are several skills involved in being able to apply knowledge unlimited. For example is it important to:

  • ...dare to say "YES, and..." to own and others' ideas in order to explore what new knowledge they offer
  • able to apply knowledge horizontally (being able to apply knowledge not directly related to the problem at hand)
  • ...being able to accept making mistakes in any given context
  • and much more

3D cases are often used in teaching situations and in processes for creativity or innovation. However, they can be used in any situation where a change in behavior and thinking is needed. 

Below you can see a selection of different 3D cases with video instructions. You can also download a selection of instruction cards and tools in the menu "Tools for 3D cases". All our tools, instruction cards and video instructions are open source. We continuously develop new 3D cases and hope to find time to make them available online.

Learning goal 3D case video instructions
Accept making mistakes

Yes, we made a mistake with category (instruction)

Yes, we made a mistake with category (process)

Yes, we made a mistake with rhythm (instruction)

Yes, we made a mistake with rhythm (process)

Yes, we made a mistake with game (process)

Yes, we made a mistake with game 2 (process)

Physical stimuli for knowledge application

Empty your head

Give a present (instruction)

Give a present (process)

Person analogy stimuli for knowledge application

Using person analogies as stimuli (instruction)

Training person analogy as stimuli (process)

Word stimuli for knowledge application

Developing a new bike-cycle

I hate this chair

Planning a holiday

Training word as stimuli

Picture stimuli for knowledge application Training picture as stimuli
Principle stimuli for knowledge application

Practitioner - Philosopher

List all principles

Items meet (instruction)

Items meet with principles (instruction)

Items meet with principles (process)

Challenge stimuli for knowledge application Training challenges as stimuli
Say "YES, and..." to all ideas (and further development of)

Write a letter

Make a story one word at a time

What happens next

New offer

One sentence at a time clockwise

One sentence at a time random

The DING-man

3d didactic