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3d didactic

The 3D Didactic is a didactic that involves both language, body and attitude. It is one of the concepts we have developed in the search and the curiousity for unlimited application of knowledge. It is intended to design and develop behavior and thinking that follows the following four fundamental principles.

  • All have the same kind of thinking and behavior at all times (parallel thinking)
  • One should only focus on the task (task focus)
  • There should be no experience of judgement (no.experienced judgement)
  • Stimulating the use of all kinds of knowledge (horizontal thinking)

The didactic consist of 3D cases that each have a specific learning purpose. These are for example: "to accept making mistakes", "to be able to say YES", "to use picture stimuli for knowledge application", "to use "principle stimuli for knowledge application" and much more. Basically a 3D case can design and develop any kind of human behavior and thinking. 

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3d didactic
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