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do it yourself

When you want to start using The Creative Platform it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself thoroughly with it before you start. A good idea is to experiment with using it in situations where you have only little at stake. The more confident you become about using it, the more your participants will understand, feel it and eventually get onto The Creative Platform. 

In the menu "The Creative Platform" under "What is it" you will find videos and literature that we recommends you to read before you start using it. The Creative Platform uses the 3D Didactic as an important part of the processes. We recommend you to also study this concept further. You can find more information on the 3D Didactic in the menu "3D Didactic".

We have developed process modules and tools for processes that are available for you in the menus "The Creative Platform" under "Process modules" and "Tools for processes". We hope you will find as much pleasure using The Creative Platform as we have as well as thousands of teachers, consultants and others using it already.

the creative platform