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The Creative Platform is a paradigm for creating unlimited application of knowledge that has the form of a process. It is a process for creative creation in groups. Through the creative process humans develop their ability to be themselves - thus freeing their commitment and ability to participate with all their knowledge, without restrictions of academic, social or cultural character. The same process that leads to radical innovations, will enhance self-esteem and thus the joy of participation by each participant. Therefore you can use The Creative Platform both for innovation, product development, service development, organisational development, development of job satisfaction through a higher self-esteem - basically any task where groups should be creatively creating together.

The basic element of a creative process on The Creative Platform is the idea. An idea is a unique situation-specific representation of knowledge - and the process is to develop ideas on ideas on ideas until the solution, in the form of a product, project, procedure, an appointment, idea concept, a technical understanding or course of action, is a reality.

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This book is about introducing more creativity into general educational courses and cross-disciplinary activities. It is directed toward teachers at all levels in the educational system, but the Creative Platform is a general model, and thus the creative process will fundamentally be the same whether you consider thirdgrade teaching, human-resource development, or radical new thinking in product development in a company.

The Creative Platform was developed at Aalborg University through a series of research-and-development activities in collaboration with educational institutions and private companies. It is a project in which the goal is to make a hands-on approach to a knowledge perspective on enhancing creativity. The underlying ambition of the Creative Platform is to make it easier to promote creativity. At, you can find extra materials and instructions you can use in your work with the Creative Platform. This book is intended as an introduction on how to use the Creative Platform.  

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