Research Group for Unlimited Knowledge Application

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The research group is curious on the human ability to apply knowledge unlimited in all possible situations and activities. We have conducted research on unlimited knowledge application in relation to innovation, product/service/market/organisational development, awareness, development of national and local government plans, agile development processes, teaching, learning as well as in relation to self-esteem development.

Common to the above applications is that they are based on people working/being together in a creative creation. Many existing paradigms for knowledge application are based on the past and the future and this is typically applied through reflective experiences. Our focus for the unlimited application of knowledge represents a paradigm shift in many of the situations and activities we are engaging in, because it is based on the present (not the past nor the future). In our research, we work primarily with four basic principles of human behavior and thinking:

  • Same focus at the same time - one focus at a time (parallel thinking)
  • Focusing on the task and nothing else (task focus)
  • No experience of judgement (no-experienced judgement)
  • Use of all knowledge available (horizontal thinking)

We are curious how these four principles can be applied to create unlimited appplication of knowledge.

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research group
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