Research Group for Unlimited Knowledge Application

module 0a: introduction

This module includes:

1. Auto running slideshow for when participants enter the room

2. Your presentation of the course structure and objective

Module 0 is the introduction to the course. In the link you will find a slideshow. This is an auto running theme slideshow. Each slides presents a theme from the course. The slideshow for this module can be running while the participants enter the room. You do not need to be present while this module is running. In addition to the slideshow you should provide the participants with your own presentation of the course structure and objective. This presentation should include an emphasis on that the participants will first experience a workshop, later understand by theory and ending up by learning how to execute processes themselves.

Estimated time for this module: 10 minutes

Link to slideshow, detailed description and instruction videos

Pre-requirement: none

Physical requirements:
• Projector
• Slideshow on computer
• Any kind of chair/table setup

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