Research Group for Unlimited Knowledge Application

module 15a: 3d didactic instruction training

This module includes:

1. Practicing the instruction of 3D cases / practicing the facilitation role

In this module the participants will practice the instruction of 3D cases. They will use existing 3D cases to instruct other participants thus practicing the facilitation role as well. You will use 3D cases to show practical examples of 3D cases. Following the link you find a slideshow stating how we conducted this module as well as a list of 3D case instruction cards to hand out to the participants for their practicing.

Estimated time for this module: 90 minutes

Link to slideshow, detailed description and instruction videos

Pre-requirement: module 14

Physical requirements:
• Projector
• Slideshow on computer
• 1 post-it note pad per participant
• 1 pen per participant
• 1 3D case instruction card per participants (hand out)
• 1 word training card per participant
• 1 picture training card per participant
• 1 person training card per participant
• 1 challenge training card per participant
• 1 principle training card per participant
• Chair/table setup: tables towards the walls and the chairs up against them facing towards the teacher

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