Research Group for Unlimited Knowledge Application

module 5b: selection of ideas

This module includes:

1. Further development of ideas using “what happens next” and “new offer” in 2-man groups

This module uses two idea development tools. The participants have selected an idea each and are now supposed to make a further development of these ideas. The participants work in groups of 2 (3 if uneven number of participants).
The participants should use the idea development tools “what happens next” and “new offer”.
Make sure the groups work on one idea at a time.

Estimated time for this module: 45 minutes

Link to slideshow, detailed description and instruction videos

Pre-requirement: module 1 and 5

Physical requirements:
• Projector
• Slideshow on computer
• 1 post-it note pad per participant
• 1 pen per participant
• 1 piece of A4 paper per participant
• 1 word training card per participant
• Chair/table setup: tables towards the walls and the chairs up against them facing towards the teacher

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