Research Group for Unlimited Knowledge Application

module 7a: presentation of idea

This module includes:

1. Presentation of ideas for all participants

The participants work in groups to present their ideas for all other participants. While the presentation is ongoing all other participants write ideas for the presenting group to help them develop their idea further after the presentation. The ideas are written on papers that are handed over to the presenting group at the end of the presentation.

Estimated time for this module: 5 minutes x number of ideas presented

Link to slideshow, detailed description and instruction videos

Pre-requirement: module 1, 2, 4B and 5

Physical requirements:
• Projector
• Slideshow on computer
• 1 post-it note pad per participant
• 1 pen per participant
• 1 piece of A1 paper or similar per group
• Chair/table setup: tables towards the walls with a distance between each table and the chairs placed by each table

the creative platform